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Every Exceptional, Disabled or otherwise challenged child deserves the chance to succeed. As your LD child's #1 Ally, you know they need your help to do it. And we are here to help you help them succeed.
While all children struggle with some aspects of learning, school and life, children with LD tend to struggle more. A LOT more. Which adds up over time to something so big it can overwhelm the child and leave you grasping for straws about how to help. That is why action must be taken. And the truth is there is nobody in the world better positioned than you to take the lead and get your child that help.

We Understand


When your child has learning disabilities, success is harder to obtain, stress rises, your child's future, which should look so bright, becomes a place of worry. Will my child get into a good college? Have a chance to develop a great career? And pass on that success to my grandchildren and beyond? The decisions of how to make that bright future happen falls on you. And you will  do whatever it takes to help them succeed. There is a reason why we understand what you are going through.

What makes our approach so Unique?


We know what helps parents of LD children because we are guided by a Clinical Psychologist who knows what your child is going through. Dr. Aaron Goldner, a unique specialist, overcame his own learning disabilities and to earn a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and uses that knowledge to help LD children and their parents succeed too. He works exclusively with Elevate LD And now that success can be yours.

We have a plan


Thinking you know what your child's challenges and needs are is NOT the same as knowing it for a fact. We recommend you use our guides to show you how to get your child's issues assessed and addressed by the best professionals. We show you how to target your help to the most important needs, up your own game as a parent, and develop a fantastic relationship with your child. One where you are on the same team. Your help will be more effective, save time (and often money), your child becomes more successful and the future becomes brighter.  

Totally new to even starting to figure out what help your LD child needs? Click the green button and we will take you to the best place to start your journey.
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