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The First 2 Secrets of Your LD Child's Success...

“How did you get through 11 years at one of the hardest private high schools in the entire state if Michigan with all of your learning disablitiles? (Detroit Country Day).” I get that question a lot from the parents of my LD clients. (I am a doctor of clinical psychology).

Another common question I hear: “How did you start as a first grader who couldn’t read and then overcome your learning disabilities to become “Dr. Goldner?” They want the secrets of how I did it. They want to know what my parents did, my teachers did. What my schools did. And, naturally, what I did. And so I tell them the secrets.

There isn’t one secret, there are many. But the most important thing you can learn as a parent is that the methods, strategies, and secrets DO exist. You can find them. You can equip your LD children with them. And you can watch them go from surviving to thriving.

The first secret is Resilience. You never, ever give up on your child’s future success. You can get discouraged and worried and cry and freak out, but then you do the exact, first thing I want you to show your child how to do, which is embodied beautifully by a Japanese proverb which says “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” Or as Confucius once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

This quote must be forever in your mind as the parent of a soon to succeed LD child: It is not a shame to be knocked down by other people. The important thing is to ask when you're being knocked down, 'Why am I being knocked down?' If a person can reflect in this way, then there is hope for this person.”

With Learning Disabilities, it isn’t necessary another person who knocks you down, but your own repeated failure to perform to the level that you strive for at school, home and in life. We must therefore be resilient, but we must also consider why we have setbacks and failures to begin with. Studying and analyzing the sources and types of your difficulties is part of how you methodically sort out the solutions. That is the second secret: Observe and investigate that which vexes you.

Welcome to DrGo (Dr. Goldner Online), my guide to helping you and your child successfully overcome their Learning Disabilities and performance impairments. I have LD (several kinds) and I learned how to succeed and be both happy and confident. I have helped many other parents and LD kids learn to succeed too. And now I am going to help all of you succeed by sharing the secrets that have helped me and my LD people achieve our goals and reach for our dreams.

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