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About Elevate LD

Our mission is to empower every parent with a Learning Disabled or otherwise Exceptional Child to be that child's #1 Ally. A parent who has the path and tools to elevate their child's self-esteem abilities and confidence toward a happy and meaningful and successful future.

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Elevate LD Stands for
  • Elevate Your Childs Success, Hope, and Happiness

  • Elevate Your understanding of your child's special abilities, challenges, and needs

  • Elevate your successful relationship with your LD child

  • Elevate Your ability to be your child's #1 Ally

Elevate LD is here to solve your "What do I need to do to make my LD child successful?" problem with our exclusive tools, articles, and guidance designed by LD specialist and clinical psychologist Dr. Aaron Goldner, PsyD, LP.


Dr. Aaron's first advice is to start asking the right questions and recognize that the right path and the right tools can make ALL the difference. We know you need to help your child, our resources are here for you, and you should use them because if you don't start doing the right things now, the problems will likely get worse. And that isn't okay because


EVERY child deserves the chance to succeed and feel great about themselves. And EVERY PARENT deserves to be able to help their child become their happiest and most successful selves!



How do I get started helping my child?

We know you came here looking for help and we've designed our site to get you to the answers you want as quickly as possible.


The Discovery is the best starting point if you are trying to figure out for the first time what your child's issues even are. It is also a good area for parents who think they know what their child is up against but want to use our approach to make sure they haven't missed or overlooked anything. It takes you right from step 1 along the Success Path.


If you already know what your child's issues are and you want immediate access to our tools for understanding your child, developing yourself as their greatest ally, then understanding your LD Child and Empowering Yourself as their Most POwerful Ally. Finally, The Plan is where you bring it all together. Here you will find articles and tools that help you stay on target and get to the finish line: A thriving, successful LD Child.  












About Dr. Aaron Goldner, PsyD LP

Elevate LD's Founder and Director

Have Questions or want to reach out?

Ready to find the tools and the path?

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